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“Clarity is What you Want”

August 23, 2016


If the situation drove you to clarity–consider your experience a divine blessing. It was exactly what you needed to bridge you perfectly on the journey of your true hearts desires. Clarity is exactly what you want. Clarity is exactly what you need. Free yourself from the dead-end feelings of regret. The only way you could […]

Be Okay to be Alone

July 27, 2016


Be okay to be alone or easily accept the unacceptable. Learn to find the peace and joy in your solitude. This doesn’t mean that solitude is all you want. This means that solitude is apart of a healthy well-being. Solitude is a precious part of life. It’s okay to hear the spirit. It’s okay to […]

4 Tips for the Busy Woman to Finish on TOP

June 7, 2016


I’ve been busy. I am a few months from completing my second degree. I work full-time and still working towards the completion of my second book. I have to maintain my exercise regimen and still meet the GPA requirements to get accepted into Pharmacy School. I have a lot to achieve as we all do. […]

7 Steps to Writing Your First Novel

June 1, 2016


I finished my first book at the age of 19. I then confidently released it at the age of 24. I was completely obsessed with perfection. I re-read my novel more times than I can remember. I changed the cover. I paid an editor. Then once the editor was done I read the book a […]

NCAA 2016 Men’s Final Four:Villanova wins National Championship with Kris Jenkins’ 3 point buzzer shot

April 5, 2016


NRG Stadium on April 4, 2016 in Houston, Texas NCAA 2016 Men’s Final Four: Villanova wins National Championship with Kris Jenkins’ 3 point buzzer shot. With only 4.7 seconds left on the clock after North Carolina’ Paige tied the game 74-74 with jaw dropping double-clutch three-pointer—Villanova shocks fans with Jenkins’ game winning buzzer shot. This […]

The Pretty Fly Society Presents: The Style Lounge Fashion Showcase in Houston, Texas

January 11, 2016


The Pretty Fly Society Presents: The Style Lounge Fashion Showcase in Houston, Texas. The run-way style fashion event was held at ShareSpace: 2201 Preston St. in Houston, Texas on January 11, 2016. The evolution of fashion is chasing us. The uniqueness of design and inspiration of the world around us. Dance on the runway and […]

Time is on Your Side

August 25, 2015


Just recently I found myself feeling like time was not on my side. I had been in summer school working on my prerequisites to apply to pharmacy school and working full-time. Working and going to class every day I found myself looking for the time to study, work out, write, downtime, good times… Only to […]