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Talk about a cold-blooded heart when it comes to forgiveness. Someone who could harden their heart the very second something happened and could easily keep it there forever. That’s the heart I had. It protected me from getting hurt. It protected me from feeling soft. But it delayed my own freedom. See I’ve learned now,

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Self-control to Empower Your Life

Self-control is essential for a healthy life. It benefits us emotionally, mentally, and physically. I found that the lack of self-control breeds a life that is often chaotic; an unstable life. This is a challenging thing for some of us and for some, it is not an issue. But whether it’s a serious or occasional

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Smiles on a Berry

A   M   A   Z   I   N   G     U   N   I   V   E   R   S   I   T   Y     B   O   O   K   S     P     R     E     S     E     N    T     S Jazzmin Smith, a young author, who was 18 years old when she became intrigued by the idea that smiles lead the pathway to healing. This

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