Time is on Your Side

August 25, 2015


Just recently I found myself feeling like time was not on my side. I had been in summer school working on my prerequisites to apply to pharmacy school and working full-time. Working and going to class every day I found myself looking for the time to study, work out, write, downtime, good times… Only to […]

Appreciating Our Educators

August 24, 2015


She gets there early and flips the switch. Late night last night but time to do it again. Big stack in her hands to lay on her desk. Only a matter of time before her time is not her own and part of her purpose takes center stage. Responsibility exudes through her pores. Bravery beats […]

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Mastering Your Intent

July 21, 2015


I’m definitely noticing a shift in my life. Everything is moving for the benefit of my harvest. Normally when I feel this shift, I just enjoy the moment. This past weekend I turned 27. And my intents have changed with age and experience. The final chapter of 26, I was shifting. I had to understand […]

The Movie “Dope”

July 7, 2015


Something about coming of age stories that I can never get enough of. A day in the life of a young person learning a few valuable lessons never seems to get old. We can all relate to not fitting in. Having aspirations. Enduring obstacles. Experiencing new things. And making decisions that will alter our lives […]

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Potential was Cool but Time for Greatness Now

April 20, 2015


Sometimes we rest on our potential. In some cases we don’t believe in our potential. In other cases we don’t want to do the amount of work and consistency it takes to turn potential into gold. But potential can only get you so far. Are you comfortable with that? Is potential enough for you? Are […]

From Brittle-Breaking Hair to Healthy-Natural Hair

January 26, 2015


Before                                                                                            After I’m no expert, but I’ve been natural going on four years now and I thought I’d share my journey thus far. Like most stories let’s start at the beginning. It was—dreadful. Dark. Gloomy. Discouraging. I couldn’t see the light at the end. But the mustard seed of faith I had kept me going. […]

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New Song: H-TOWN Artist Latoya Joyce Releases “Come Over”

October 14, 2014


Latoya Joyce expresses vulnerability through strength. (Photo: Photography by Marva)   -Laid back. Cool. Feel good record.   Latoya Joyce is a Houston singer and song writer who reveals her vulnerability through a place of strength. Joyce’s new song “Come Over” shows us just that. “Come Over” starts with a voice that serenates; putting you in […]

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