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“Clarity is What you Want”

August 23, 2016


If the situation drove you to clarity–consider your experience a divine blessing. It was exactly what you needed to bridge you perfectly on the journey of your true hearts desires. Clarity is exactly what you want. Clarity is exactly what you need. Free yourself from the dead-end feelings of regret. The only way you could […]

4 Tips for the Busy Woman to Finish on TOP

June 7, 2016


I’ve been busy. I am a few months from completing my second degree. I work full-time and still working towards the completion of my second book. I have to maintain my exercise regimen and still meet the GPA requirements to get accepted into Pharmacy School. I have a lot to achieve as we all do. […]

7 Steps to Writing Your First Novel

June 1, 2016


I finished my first book at the age of 19. I then confidently released it at the age of 24. I was completely obsessed with perfection. I re-read my novel more times than I can remember. I changed the cover. I paid an editor. Then once the editor was done I read the book a […]

What do our Grandparents want for us? A List of 5 Things

September 8, 2014


What do our Grandparents want for us? I asked myself with the passing of my grandmother last week. I call her Grandma Smith. She is the first grandparent that has passed in my life. I was blessed enough to have an extended family with six living grandparents. So this one is a first for me […]

The Value of a Good Listen

October 13, 2013


You can’t tell me anything. And if you tell me something that I absolutely do not like; beware. I’ll overtly analyze and defend all that I have. So, you really can’t tell me anything. I’m just too defensive. I will assume the worst and lose the best of me; the kind me, the understanding me, […]


November 15, 2012


Trust. How is that possible? To believe that someone is who they appear to be, who they claim to be, and who I feel they are. I’ve been disappointed. I looked another human being in their face and did not believe they could disappoint me. How do we trust when we are all human and […]

A Beautiful Tongue

October 23, 2012


The way I talk is better than the way you talk. The way my environment has molded me to speak is simply better than the way your environment has molded you to speak. Yes, we are all equal and our differences make us beautiful. And that’s all really nice. But you have to talk like […]