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Time is on Your Side

August 25, 2015


Just recently I found myself feeling like time was not on my side. I had been in summer school working on my prerequisites to apply to pharmacy school and working full-time. Working and going to class every day I found myself looking for the time to study, work out, write, downtime, good times… Only to […]

1 Hour of Accomplishment

March 26, 2014


We’re always moving; unable to stop and just focus on one task, person, or event. We’re lost in this moving world and whenever we need to focus, it feels almost impossible. The phone rings. The laundry is done. Our favorite television show is on. We are also exhausted and need to sleep every second we […]

52 Momentum

March 4, 2014


52 Momentum is a pledge to plan and execute one move towards your ultimate goal each week for a year. The year starts when you start. By the end of your year, you would have completed 52 moves towards the accomplishment of your goal. Worth it? Yes, the energy behind your 52 Momentum will bring […]


June 16, 2011


The only thing that stops us from being great is ourselves. We have the power to change everything around us. So why don’t we do it? Because sometimes we procrastinate, focus on other things, or simply don’t believe we can. If we focus most of our energy on our dreams, they will come to past. […]

“No reason to have a plan B, because it distracts from plan A.”

March 29, 2011


“No reason to have a plan B, because it distracts from plan A.”  This is a quote by Will Smith. Most of us have a plan B. I went to college thinking I was working on my just in case resume. But I left college grateful that I could use what I’ve learned to accomplish […]


March 21, 2011


CALLING ALL ARTIST: PRODUCE YOUR BEST AND GIVE IT AWAY I know it’s great. I know it’s legendary. And I know you put everything you had into it. But produce like it’s your last time and give it away even if it’s your last verse. Sometimes it may seem like we live in a take-only […]

A Night Owl’s Reality: The 7 Reasons You Must Take the Risk

March 12, 2011


I never been much of a night owl but now I work nights. So I’ve forced myself to be one. I’ve always been an early bird and I still am at heart and whenever I have time off I can revisit that refreshing energy that helps me get productive. I have discovered a new energy but […]