Jazzmin Smith, a young author, who was 18 years old when she became intrigued by the idea that smiles lead the pathway to healing. This is the inspiring story of an 11-year-old latchkey kid with a heart of gold.


When James Berry’s mother passed away, he was left to battle his abusive father alone.

But the charismatic James deeply seeks to smile his way to the end although he gradually learns that his father, Vilton Berry, is only getting worse as he begins to confront his own past. During the challenges of overcoming his father and coping with the death of his mother James meets Gabrielle, the social 7th grader with honey eyes and a guarded heart. Her preteen superficiality delays her from meeting minds with James. Between his gapped teeth and too little jeans, beats a heart that she ultimately will admire. Their bond is refreshingly adorable as they become a saving grace for one another.

James manages to keep the abuse a secret until suspense unravels as he goes deeper into his mother’s journal, and the sensitive missing pieces of his family history come into the forefront.

This remarkable journey to healing can happen at any age. James Berry discovers that a bit of faith and internal joy can take him further than he ever dreamed.

Smiles on a Berry is more than a story of a charming young man. But a story of the courage to live beyond abuse. This story is to inspire broken cycles.

My hope for James is that he breaks the cycle and inspires a generation of similar stories to do the same.

Smiles on a Berry represents the courage it takes to heal and go on in peace.

It’s time.


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1 comments on “Novel”

  1. Wow what an AMAZING story… this writer really takes you on a journey with this little boy. I was truly touched. It really brings awareness to child abuse and challenges your ideas on forgiveness. Awesome read, get the book, you’ll be glad you did.

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