The Incarcerated Butterfly: A letter to a young Inmate


There’s some lessons that take a lifetime to learn. Then, you have the lessons that take a few significant hardships. Then you have the lessons that you learn almost instantly because the outcome was so devastating.

The outcome was something you never thought could ever happen to you, but it did.

It didn’t matter that you were a product of your environment. It didn’t matter that your father wasn’t around. It didn’t matter that your mother struggled. It didn’t matter that you were young. It didn’t matter that you didn’t hurt anyone. They didn’t care that you were guilty by association. None of what you had to say mattered. This was the lesson where you learned that life can be good or bad depending on your own choices.

We all must learn this but we all learn it at different times in different situations. Once we internalize that lesson, we learn how to analyze every situation considering the best or worse outcome. We then decide that if the worse happens, could we handle it. Then we decide. But the truth is, no one has this down perfectly. The truth is us humans live imperfectly until the day we die. The truth is we are all dealt a hand of cards and learning the best way to play them. We do this repeatedly for a lifetime.

I know that people have a lot to say about where you are, but most people would be where you are if they had gotten caught. Because the truth is most people have been apart of illegal scenarios. The last I checked marijuana wasn’t legal for recreation nationwide. Shop lifting on any level can damage your record if the law gets involved. Most of us have been in association with the wrong people even as simple as asking that person for a ride home. There’s white collar crimes that can often be overlooked at a moderate level. There are people who can afford to pay for proper legal representation and gain freedom from even the worse situations.

I am telling you this, so you understand that no one on the outside is better than you. Many of us would be where you are had the day just ended differently.

But you’re where you are now with a new set of cards and life isn’t over for you.

You can have a scarcity mindset or make the best of your situation. You can take advantage of the education or ignore it. You can open your mind to the idea of entrepreneurship and learn all about it or give up on yourself. You can just survive or thrive.

It’s all up to you.

You have the opportunity to transform yourself for yourself. It may seem like you’re developing but still stuck. But one day the doors will open and you’ll be a free man. You can take all the knowledge you acquired and change your world. Your life is not defined by others. Your life is not defined by where you are now. Your life is defined by you and how well you play your hand.

The most beautiful things transform out of pure darkness. It’s up to you to see the light.

The positive outcome of your life depends on how well you change your outlook now.

Be forgiving of yourself. Be positive. Be transformed.


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