“Clarity is What you Want”

Posted on August 23, 2016



If the situation drove you to clarity–consider your experience a divine blessing. It was exactly what you needed to bridge you perfectly on the journey of your true hearts desires.

Clarity is exactly what you want. Clarity is exactly what you need. Free yourself from the dead-end feelings of regret. The only way you could have stopped it all from happening was to really know better. But although you had a clue of the better choice, you didn’t feel it strong enough.

Now you do. Now you’re different. Now you see it really changed you. You see now you have clarity. It had to happen as it did for you to be clear about who you are and where you’re going.

You’re on your way to everything you desire. I know that you desire wholeness even at the letting go of someone you love. I know that you desire peace even at the letting go of the chaos you’ve grown accustomed to. I know you desire joy even when transition may spring up some fear.

I know that you desire everything you desire despite the changes that have to happen.


Clarity may follow some transition. Clarity may follow some discomfort. Clarity may follow some pain.

If clarity meets you after, my friend you’ve just been divinely blessed.

Clarity is you hearing you.

Loud and clear.

Be Fulfilled.



Autographed Personally to You