4 Tips for the Busy Woman to Finish on TOP

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I’ve been busy. I am a few months from completing my second degree. I work full-time and still working towards the completion of my second book. I have to maintain my exercise regimen and still meet the GPA requirements to get accepted into Pharmacy School. I have a lot to achieve as we all do. I’ve listed what works for me, let’s get to it—

1. Make a Plan.

I make a list of everything I want to accomplish for the month and stick it to my wall. I see it every day. I make a plan for my day depending on my list for the month. Do what works best for you, but please make a plan.

2. Make the Time.

I know you’re busy, but the time is there. The time is always there and if something is important enough we make the time. We make it happen. So make it happen by utilizing your time wisely. We waste more time than we even notice.

3. Execute no matter what happens.

You made a plan. You made the time. Now something came up. Execute no matter what. Life happens and your goals still have to come to completion. Take advantage of the energy that challenge brings by allowing it to re-motivate you. Challenge breeds confidence—welcome it.

4. Give your best in all you do.

I know you have a lot to accomplish in what seems to be in not enough time. You actually have a list of great things to accomplish in a doable amount of time—in which you will still not compromise greatness. Give the best in all you do. Be proud of the life you build. Giving your best work is part of the fulfillment.

Make a plan. Make the time. Execute. Give your best.

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