The Pretty Fly Society Presents: The Style Lounge Fashion Showcase in Houston, Texas

Posted on January 11, 2016


The Pretty Fly Society Presents: The Style Lounge Fashion Showcase in Houston, Texas.

The run-way style fashion event was held at ShareSpace: 2201 Preston St. in Houston, Texas on January 11, 2016.

The evolution of fashion is chasing us. The uniqueness of design and inspiration of the world around us. Dance on the runway and intensify the expression of life. She walked with her chin high. Feet just above the ground. Tinted complexion. Material wraps curves and the embodiment of confidence runs from her pores. The freedom of self-expression wasn’t always acceptable. But now we float with the garments of our choosing. Fabric that complements the natural. We live a life full of self-pride, personal taste, and the contentment of being ourselves. My guess is that— it’s a good time to be alive.

And indeed an amazing time I had at the Pretty Fly Society Presents: The Style Lounge Fashion Showcase.


May I add class. May I add sophistication. May I add community. I have to.

It served it all. Pretty Fly Society has a partnership with Kontrol Magazine where brands display in over one million homes. They are here to support fashion from all corners of the world. They are here to support community. They started from the bottom and constantly expanding their movement. Evoking networking and consistent progression. I came out to photograph the event and network. I left inspired.

Designers and Artist on display







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Sassy & Classy Fashion (Purses and Watches):

Danny Nguyen: W. Sam Houston Parkway #196

Miranda Chaney:

Shauntel Clay: Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Merchandising

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