Time is on Your Side


Just recently I found myself feeling like time was not on my side. I had been in summer school working on my prerequisites to apply to pharmacy school and working full-time. Working and going to class every day I found myself looking for the time to study, work out, write, downtime, good times…

Only to realize I have all the time I need. Because when you’re not pressed for time it’s easy to waste hours, even days, even months at a time. Because I don’t have time to waste, it all finds its place and I have the determination to get it done because it may be the only hour I have to do it.

When you have a lot to do you find the time to make it happen because you have no choice. Therefore every hour you wasted before now has a purpose. Every hour has its name.

For the fall semester I have refreshed myself on time management knowing that 1 hour of accomplishment is key.

Utilize the time you have wisely. The time is there. Prioritize what’s important and you’ll find you have all the time you need.

Be fulfilled.


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