Appreciating Our Educators

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She gets there early and flips the switch. Late night last night but time to do it again. Big stack in her hands to lay on her desk. Only a matter of time before her time is not her own and part of her purpose takes center stage. Responsibility exudes through her pores. Bravery beats in her heart. Her all is what she gives to you. Your all is what she needs from you.

God bless our teachers. God bless our center. The core of who we are is who someone taught us to be.

Voices flood the room. Hands raise. A sneeze. A cough. A laugh. He always speaks and her over there doesn’t say too much. Her mother left. His father did.

She carries it all in her clutch. So what. Test scores have to be up.

I appreciate our teachers. I appreciate the teachers in my life who instilled great things in me. To believe in me. To love me. To improve me.

And I want to thank you for the work you will do for the year ahead.

And I want to congratulate my younger sister on her first year as a teacher starting today. You’re an amazing human being and I’m here to support you through your journey. I’m proud. Wishing you a fulfilling and prosperous year.

Be fulfilled.


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