Potential was Cool but Time for Greatness Now

Posted on April 20, 2015


Sometimes we rest on our potential. In some cases we don’t believe in our potential. In other cases we don’t want to do the amount of work and consistency it takes to turn potential into gold.

But potential can only get you so far.

Are you comfortable with that? Is potential enough for you? Are you settled when they say, “Oh you have so much potential”… “I know you can do this or that”… “You have what it takes to be great”.

Are you content with hearing that all of your life or do you want to accomplish something great for yourself?

I say run into greatness. Maximize your potential.

And every time someone says you can do this or that it will be on a grander scale and not the same ol’ level where you started. I don’t think most people want to admit they’ve banked on potential. They found themselves settled in potential.

To be content at any state in your life is joy. It’s necessary for a life that’s fulfilled.

But it doesn’t mean you’re not working towards the next level in your life. It doesn’t mean you live without movement.

I’m guilty. We’ve all guilty whether we rested on our potential for a season or for years we knew we could do better. Whether we lacked confidence in our skill set or we didn’t want to put in the work ethic. Whatever it may be—

Times Up!

You’ve rested on potential for far too long. Time to get up and do something you can be proud of. You know you think about it all the time. Make it happen.

Don’t let more weeks, months, and years go by. Be proud of completing something you always wanted to.

Potential—it was cool. It was fun. Time for greatness now.


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