Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Marcos Maidana 2: Who’s Leaving as the Champion?

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It’s Showtime. Saturday, September 13 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada.


Who’s leaving as the Champion?

-Money Mayweather or El Chino

Fact— it’s better to make a judgment call based off what people have done and not what they say. Not to say Maidana can’t leave as the champion, but he will have to show up as a better fighter on Saturday.

Until then, its crickets. But allow me to add that Maidana indeed earned a re-match. If Mayweather found Maidana’s legacy un-worthy, a re-match wouldn’t be a thought.

Marcos Maidana is worthy of a re-match, but is he ready for Floyd on Saturday?

While training for the last fight, Maidana only trained full intensity for 5 weeks. This time he is training in full intensity for 8 weeks ahead of the fight. The El Chino Team also added a new strength and conditioning coach to intensify Maidana’s regimen. In addition, the trainers have been studying the first fight back in May; sip by sip and jab by jab.

Every fight holds a boxers legacy at risk but this fight is everything. Maidana gets a second chance to prove himself a great fighter. If he beats Floyd Mayweather Jr., Maidana will be re-named The Pound for Pound King. If he loses, he knows he is not the best at this point in his career. Furthermore, Floyd has placed his entire legacy in the ring of this highly anticipated re-match. Why?

He knows he’s going to win again. And he knows that Maidana is a talented enough fighter to make people fall back and accept the truth that he is the greatest.

Because we know Maidana is skilled, but is he of greatness?

Maidana’s team is studying Floyd Mayweather’s work in the ring. Too bad for them, he adapts and refreshes strategy. This is where a good fighter and a great fighter differ.

“They think I’m good. I know I’m great,” says Mayweather during the Showtime ALL-ACCESS Sports special covering the road to the fight.

I’m asking myself, what can I say?

Mayweather is confident and he has 17 years and 0 losses to back it up. However, there’s a lot in the media centered around Mayweather right now. Some say it may get to his head. But long history tells us otherwise. His head is in the ring. His work effort suffers not. And my honest judgment is that it energizes him even more; as it should.

“It is only out of danger and difficulty that you can rise at all”— words written by Robert Greene and the rapper 50 cent in the book entitled “The 50th law”. No pun intended.

But nonetheless Mayweather has his work set out for him on Saturday. Maidana is bringing everything he has to MGM Grand and the offensive boxer is not afraid to fight dirty.

Bottom line, who’s leaving the MGM Grand ring as the Champion?
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