What do our Grandparents want for us? A List of 5 Things

Posted on September 8, 2014


What do our Grandparents want for us?

I asked myself with the passing of my grandmother last week. I call her Grandma Smith. She is the first grandparent that has passed in my life. I was blessed enough to have an extended family with six living grandparents. So this one is a first for me and it hit home; my spirit.

Grandparents have a way of tapping into the depths of our spirits with such care. I feel an enormous amount of spiritual guidance from all of my grandparents. More than anything, they are concerned about my spiritual state. They want me to be at peace no matter what is happening. They want me to have a sense of stillness for my entire life. It never matters how long or quick I speak with them, I feel their concern for my spirit and even in her passing, I feel it now.

Some may say they want us to be happy. They do, but they also want us to have joy; a peace that surpasses all understanding. Because happiness is temporary and they know it. But they still give us sweets, money, and confirm that we can do no wrong. They caught our attention, but then they gave us chores to do and told us their life stories. They gave us little pleasures and a life supply of wisdom.

With the many sweets and five dollar bills here and there, I learned to take delight in the little things. And not just for myself but I learned small gestures for others go a long way.

With the chores, I learned a sense of responsibility and duty to myself and my fellow man which is a part of what fulfills me as a human.

With the long stories of their life, I learned the importance of developing wisdom and understanding to make my life a bit easier.

What I found is that they want us to have five things:

1. Stillness and Growth in the Spirit

2. To take delight in the little things

 3. Have a sense of responsibility (including financial) and duty to self and our fellow man

 4. To forever develop wisdom and understanding

5. To pass on that unconditional love


Now that I’ve sat down and pondered what they want for me, I have a confirmation of the things that make me whole.

How blessed we are to have them; our earthly angels.


To my Grandma Smith,

I love you and I know you will always watch over me and speak into my spirit. I’ll see you later.

Your granddaughter,

Jazzmin S. Smith



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