Sink or Swin?

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Choose one. You only have one choice. What’s it gonna be? You can rise above your situation or die in it. I choose to swim. I may feel like I’m drowning. My heart may be slowing. But I hear the words of wisdom of my elders. I hear the wisdom of my God.  And I know I can’t die like this. My soul won’t let me. I wasn’t created to collapse in my darkest hour. I was created to grow in my darkest hour. If I didn’t need to develop in some positive way, I wouldn’t have gotten the opportunity to be in darkness.

So, I’m thankful for my most intimate time with God and my own soul. To explore my flaws and strengths. To examine my good and bad decisions. The smile on my face when I forgive myself. And the fulfillment that God’s forgiven me. I get to see myself from the inside out and come out a better person than I was before.

If I come out of darkness with clarity. I come out of darkness with everything.

Every obstacle is an opportunity. I believe this. I’m only human so sometimes I have to remind myself. Then I just focus on seeing the opportunity in everything I consider to be an opposition. Step outside of your situation and take a second to think, how can this help me? How can this make me better? What’s in it for me?

So, are you going to sink in a self-sabotaging mindset that the world is against you?

Or are you going to swim and rise above it all and come out stronger, wiser, and more self-assured than before?

You only have one choice.


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