1 Hour of Accomplishment



We’re always moving; unable to stop and just focus on one task, person, or event. We’re lost in this moving world and whenever we need to focus, it feels almost impossible. The phone rings. The laundry is done. Our favorite television show is on. We are also exhausted and need to sleep every second we can. What is an hour without distraction? What is an hour of accomplishment? Is it even possible?

It definitely is. You’ll be surprised at how much you can accomplish in one hour and still have so much time to do other things. One hour of focus is far more beneficial than a few hours of being dishonest with yourself. For example, a solid hour of studying in college did more good for me than a few hours of studying while internet browsing, texting, answering my phone, etc. I was sometimes spending hours in the library lying to myself. I knew how productive a real hour or two would have been. I could have focused for a short time and been free to do all.

So why not achieve your goals one real hour at a time?

You deserve it. You spend a countless amount of time doing things for others. Furthermore, whenever you’re trying to finish something that’s been on your mind you still allow the world to distract you.

Aren’t you tired of going the entire day thinking about that one thing you need to do but never do?

It’s overtaking your thoughts. So just do it. Set aside one hour at a time and just do it. Depending on the task, it may only take an hour. All you need is to set your goal and make your plan. This will ease your mind and take away some anxiety. It seems like we put off the things that are most important in order to do a series of things that are irrelevant. Why? When we can get it done and be free to do all without the guilt and worry.

Don’t think about the monster it may be, let’s get it done one step at a time.

And let’s all agree that perfection is impossible. But doing our best work is realistic.

Set Your Goal

What do you want to accomplish?

You may need to finish that 10 page research paper, clean out your closet, prioritize that daily report, or call a relative or friend.

Whatever it may be, you have the time.

Write your goal on paper or confirm your goal mentally and make a plan to execute. Whether your goal will take an hour or a few hours, you need to plan out your hour for that day.

What is my goal for this hour?

Try not to make it too easy to allow distraction or too challenging to put it off.

Time it

This is a good time to set the alarm on your phone or use a kitchen timer.

Whatever works best for you, but if you know that something is counting down the second and minutes and will end with a sound; it will be easier for you to focus. You’ll also be assured that you won’t spend more than an hour of your time.

As I mentioned before try not to make your goal for that hour too easy. But if your task will only take 15 minutes, then time it for 10 minutes. Challenge yourself or you will be more prone to allow distractions to interfere. Also, try not to make your goal too challenging or you may lay it aside and hardly begin. In this case, two or more days are necessary.

Execute Without Distractions

Believe me you’re going to receive an email, text, phone call, or just a social media update. You need to silence your phone; your alarm will still go off. Some distractions we can’t control but we can decide what we’re going to do with them. Most of the time, it can wait.

You need to do this and it is up to you to finish strong. It’s only an hour. It will be over soon.

Let’s Move

Our days are made up of 24 hours and we spend much of that time sleeping, working, doing things for others and not allowing anytime to do something for ourselves.

Take an hour of time and accomplish something that has been on your mind.

Time it. Focus. Execute.


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