My Sin is Not as Bad


My sin is better than your sin. Oh, you didn’t know.

Even though I sin too, I’m still better than you. I judge you and I justify it. I miss my own opportunities for growth. I’m just too busy putting you down to make myself feel better about my own shortcomings.


Your un-wed fornication is better than his married homosexuality. Her lack of spiritual growth is better than his lack of church going. His verbal abuse is better than her infidelity. His lack of faith in tithe giving is better than her lack of honesty. Her envy is better than his lust.

There are 7 sins that God hates. Let me list them exactly as I read them in Proverbs 6:16-19.

A proud look. (I’m better than you)

A lying tongue. (I lie, don’t matter the reason)

Hands that shed innocent blood. (I kill the innocent)

Heart that deviseth wicked imaginations. (I desire to do evil things)

Feet that be swift in running to mischief. (I’m quick to do wrong)

A false witness that speaketh lies. (I lie for you)

Soweth discord among brethren. (I create chaos and confusion between love ones)

Can you imagine these are the 7 sins that are hated by God?

Imagine that, yet these are rarely discussed.

A sin is a sin. All unrighteousness is sin, 1 John 5:16. And these 7 are hated by God.

People use the word of God to benefit them in the moment. To make themselves feel better about their own poison. But we are all imperfect and none of us are better than the other.

Consider these 7 sins and how common they are. The first one listed is a proud look. Yet, we judge one another and consider ourselves better. We miss our own opportunities for growth while judging others. And why not? Growth is hard and judging is easy. But what’s really important?

Spiritual Growth and Our love for others.

I will never know the full experience of being you.

And you will never know the full experience of being me.

Let us not judge, but love one another. Admit our own shortcomings. Grow Spiritually and Be Fulfilled.

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