The Value of a Good Listen

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You can’t tell me anything. And if you tell me something that I absolutely do not like; beware. I’ll overtly analyze and defend all that I have. So, you really can’t tell me anything. I’m just too defensive. I will assume the worst and lose the best of me; the kind me, the understanding me, the listening me.

What is the value of a good listen?

Most people say I am a great listener. I will listen without saying a word. As long as it’s not a challenge to my character, someone I love, or my stability, then you’re good. I’m all ears. Too bad I’ve learned to assume the worst in some instances. I despise verbal anticipation. I need to know now. After all what you’re going to tell me is going to be the line of a Century, the last note of an Opera, or the last scripture of the Bible. What you’re going to tell me is going to be the ultimate of all ultimate life-changing words. And this is why you anticipate telling me anything.

I’m like the kid who loves Santa Clause and the Tooth Fairy.

I place my tooth perfectly underneath my pillow and I force myself into the deepest sleep ever. I see this picture perfect world through my innocent eyes and I can’t accept it any other way. I don’t want to know the truth. I can’t handle the truth. But if you can’t tell me what bothers you most, then the world I live in is a lie. My ears are needed. They are needed for the words of affirmation and to face my darkest mirrors. They are needed for your undeniable connection to me. I have to be mature enough to listen to all that life has to tell me. After all, Santa Clause isn’t real. And my days of tooth-saving are over.

I offer my ears and I’ll practice ear-maturity until it gets easier. I don’t want to live a lie to save the perfect picture of my own world. I have to accept that everything is not naturally going to go as I have planned. But know from the depths of my spirit that life is still good.

The value of a good listen is similarly impactful to the line of a Century, the last note of an Opera, or the last scripture of the Bible. Without it, I rob myself of an invaluable opportunity to be human.

Be Fulfilled.

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