No Regrets


No regrets.

I’ve taken my lesson. A million voices could have pointed me in the right direction, but it didn’t matter. Some lessons are only made permanent when the bees sting you in every pore. When your burned hand blisters. When you run out of gas on the freeway. When your flirtatious charm has been read by someone else as love. Then you can take your lesson. You’ll know that the bees will sting you pass your limit. Something too hot can leave you in an unbearable constant pain. You’ll know to not see how far you can drive while your gas light is on. And that a brief smile and wave is all you can give some people.

I take some lessons from my elders as well as a few from my peers. And now that I think about it, a bit more from the mouths of children. I’ve always been one to sit on the side of my grandmothers’ beds and let each of them tell me the truth about life. About people who are really not your friends; no matter how it seems. To make time for the people who care most about you. Be selective with my trust. And forgive even when it hurts. To know and believe that my enemies will be made my foot stool. To hate no one and love all. I’ve taken many lessons before I had to experience them. But some I had to learn on my own.

Some I had to touch even when I knew what was best. Some I had to fall deep before I awoke. Some I had to die a spiritual death before I knew how essential he is. Some I had to just fall asleep in the fetus position and pray for grace. I could have learned all my lessons so far by accepting a wise persons teaching. But some I had to dive in to learn a hard lesson. Ones that I will never forget. Therefore, I have no regrets. The lessons that took me through hell are now written in the depths of my spirit and will remain there for life. So I move on with my head held high and a smile on my face, because I’ve been there. Done that. Got stung. Stranded because of immaturity. And broke a heart by being naive.

I’ve taken my hard lessons with no regrets and I will pass them on passionately to someone I hope will listen…

Be Fulfilled.

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