Trust. How is that possible? To believe that someone is who they appear to be, who they claim to be, and who I feel they are. I’ve been disappointed. I looked another human being in their face and did not believe they could disappoint me. How do we trust when we are all human and prone to disappoint one another and ourselves?

God is the only perfection. We can only expect people to be people. After all, we are all on a personal journey surrounded by others. Surrounded by others that we are meant to love and be loved by. We need to give love and receive love to be fulfilled. But trust is a surrender. Trust is a gift. And we choose who to give and who not to give our trust to.

Boundaries are what we need to begin to trust someone who is outside of the family that has always been there and those few friends we can depend on. I lost sight of my boundaries at one point. But I know now to never lose sight of them again.

Boundaries protect the foundation of who we are. And without them: betrayal, lies, and disappointment can destroy all that we are.

Building trust takes time and it is not to be taken lightly. It is truly a gift. And for me, it is a gift that very few have. To live a life and never allow myself to deeply connect I’ll probably rob myself of something special. Something I really deserve. But with boundaries, you and I can begin to open up a little more and still be true to everything we’ve been built to be.

Boundaries are so many things: your relationship with God, your time needed alone, remaining close to family and friends, maintaining your independence, not sharing every part of you, pursuing your passions, knowing your presence alone is enough and money don’t buy love…

Whatever your boundaries are, don’t lose them. They protect your spirit which is everything you are. Continue to strengthen your spiritual foundation and love for self. Without it, your peace lies in the hands of someone who walks in imperfection. Expect to be disappointed at times. And when you do decide to give your special gift of trust, freely give it only within your own boundaries.

Always Be Fulfilled.

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