Talk about a cold-blooded heart when it comes to forgiveness. Someone who could harden their heart the very second something happened and could easily keep it there forever. That’s the heart I had. It protected me from getting hurt. It protected me from feeling soft. But it delayed my own freedom. See I’ve learned now, forgiveness doesn’t mean you have to rush to trust someone again. Forgiveness doesn’t mean you have to be friends. But it does mean to forgive and let go, so that you can be forgiven for your own shortcomings. Forgiveness means not allowing a soul on this earth to stop you from living the set-free life you deserve to live. I’ve come to realize that the moment I decide to forgive and let go is the moment I decide to live again. I’ve never felt so alive.  

3 comments on “Forgiveness”

  1. To not forgive is like allowing your soul to be held hostage by the very one you despises you. People think hate is the opposite of love but it is actually apathy. When you don’t care, you can let go and finally let God take over.
    It’s hard to do, but try to see that person through God’s eyes and you’ll either feel sorry for them or understand why they act as they do. I find the hardest person to forgive is usually ourselves because we expect so much from ourselves.
    Remember that someone can steal your happiness because that’s a daily thing, but no one can take your joy unless you let them because joy comes from within.

  2. Absolutely. Sometimes it can be a challenge to forgive yourself and even then it has to be done in order to go on in peace. Forgiveness is a great gift and without it we can’t move forward and live the fulfilling life we were meant to live. Thanks Ellie.

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