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kingWe miss out on a lot of things because of our lack of confidence. It’s not about who we are, what we drive, how much money we make, how we look, and all the things we’ve accomplished so far. However, these are some of the things that can make or break our feelings of worthiness. But indeed we are all here, so we are all worthy of the things we want. It is only our self-perception that changes that. The way we see ourselves makes all the difference in the world; literally.

Underestimating yourself is harmful to your progress. It’s simple. If you don’t think you’re good enough for something, then you won’t put yourself in the position to get it. Not thinking highly of yourself causes you to miss out on the benefits of your own great ideas, promotions, relationships, money, and all the things you want to accomplish.

Why do certain people have certain things?

From my experience of going to school with some students who grew up in rich homes. I have found one thing constant in most of them: they see themselves as extremely worthy. The consistency is not that they all feel they have better talents or intelligence. They just genuinely see the world as a land of opportunities vs. a land of rejection. Which is why the word “no” can bring some to disbelief in a second. When “yes” is the norm and “no” is the exception, your whole world is different.

We must embrace the belief that the world is our land of opportunities and not a land of rejection. This will be the difference between us accepting regular failure vs. overcoming failure. This will be the difference between us viewing ourselves as “worthy” vs. “unworthy”. Worthiness breeds confidence and confidence breeds opportunities. And just as it is beautiful to be confident in your abilities, it is just as beautiful to be confident in your skin.

Confidence is attractive. It’s not all about the way you look although you may think so at times.

Confidence can get you far if you just embrace it. And don’t complicate confidence its simple: show to yourself and others that you feel good about who you are. Show that you love who you are and that no one can take that from you. And if you’re on the journey to feeling that way about yourself—fake it ‘til you make it like my mom always says. You’ll get there! And it would help to do things that mean a lot to you.

It’s extremely beneficial to invest in others; it will bring you happiness and all good things put out come back. But don’t forget about investing in yourself and treating yourself to the things you enjoy. If you don’t like your hair, change it! If you want to lose some pounds, lose it! If the economy is getting to you, don’t give up! If something is completely out of your control, stop dwelling on it! Give it to God and focus on the things that you can change. Don’t spend half of your life feeling bad about being short, because it’s not going to change in this day and time. You waste a lot of time on dwelling when you could accept it and make a better confident life for yourself. Your life will be so much better if you let it all go and work what you got!

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