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Faith without works is dead. But if you never wait, are you really showing your faith?

I take faith without works is dead to another level. I never stop moving. But after hearing a message this Sunday, I found that faith is in your stillness as well. Whenever I have a goal to accomplish, I feel un-productive if I am not doing something to move towards that goal every chance I get. But am I really showing my faith, if every second I’m working on something else? For example, looking for new job opportunities. It’s easy for a motivated individual to apply somewhere new every awakened second until they get a phone call. But where is the faith that you received the last job you applied for or the one before that? We need to find that balance so that we are productive but do not eliminate our faith.

With faith, we do not work out of fear—but with confidence. And sometimes, I find myself working in faith at first and then after time elapses, working in panic. Many of us do that and don’t understand why we are still where we are. We have not exercised our faith. We have exercised our productivity skills in panic. So we have become strong in fear which is the opposite of where we want to be. We need to have faith in order to succeed at anything. But if we are always working in fear, we will find our pattern of success to not be as great as it could be.

FEAR can breed some awful feelings. You feel nothing is working, so now you want to take matters into your own hands. But don’t be weary in well doing; it will only take you to places that you never wanted to

Psalms 37:7 Rest in the Lord; wait patiently for him to act. Don’t be envious of evil men who prosper.

If you want something to really last, prosper, and for you to be happy doing it, then it has to be done with the work of integrity. Yes! The 80/20 rule can apply to many things. The perfect picture isn’t always what
it appears to be. So don’t get weary. You will only feed ideas that will invite you into a more unfruitful place.

The balance? Depends on you.

We all have different measures of faith. And we all have room to exercise our faith. We know when we’ve been moving on our own capabilities or stepping out on faith. You should challenge yourself. If there are things you want in your life and are overworking yourself trying to get them but nothing has moved—

Step back. And wait. The only way to gaining faith is to step out your comfort zone of belief. It’s time you try him and get the blessings you deserve.

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