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The only thing that stops us from being great is ourselves. We have the power to change everything around us. So why don’t we do it? Because sometimes we procrastinate, focus on other things, or simply don’t believe we can. If we focus most of our energy on our dreams, they will come to past. But the only way we will take the time to focus on our most personal ambitions is if we believe in them.

No matter how bad a situation looks, it can change. We have to learn to not dwell in our situations and take them for what they are. They are our source of inspiration, strength, and perseverance. They ignite the fire that we all have to be teachers and give to others what our teachers has given to us. We have all been inspired by someone else’s testimony. It’s empowering when we share our own, even while we’re in the mist of the struggle. Embrace the positive things that will come from your situation. It will be the foundation of hope to work towards a brighter future. Hope will guide you into believing. Once you believe in something, you give it power that is greater than your past failures, lack of education, or anything else that doesn’t make you the perfect candidate according to other people. All those things lose their power once you believe from the core of your soul, that they no longer matter. The faith you have in yourself is all the faith you need to succeed. No one else holds that power. It is up to you to not be your biggest distraction.

Procrastination can become your worst enemy. Let me tell you—procrastination can bring you down! And many times when we procrastinate, we do things that have nothing to do with our success. It stops us from producing. And if you believe in something, you have to work towards it. Success doesn’t just fall in your hands, you have to earn it. Procrastination is one of the main reasons why we fall off our path to greatness. We must prioritize our dreams. If we don’t, we put them on the back burner; they burn into ashes and blow into a long-term regret. We can buy a lot of things, but we can never buy back the time to do it all over. We can live in the now and stop prioritizing the things that won’t matter to us when we are living in our last days. But we often find ourselves prioritizing other things because of stability.

Stability is essential to most of us. The desire for stability places our attention on alternative goals. But even though we create alternative goals for stability doesn’t mean we have to ignore our dreams. We still have the time to make them come true. It’s important that we manage our time in order to make things happen. We have more time available to us than we think. If we count the number of hours we use for entertainment, we would see how much time we actually have to continue moving forward.

The only thing that can stop us from reaching greatness is ourselves. Sometimes we hear that too often to truly internalize it and some of us don’t hear it enough. But either way, it’s the truth. There is no circumstance that can keep you from achieving greatness. You are the only thing in your way.

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