Take it with ‘A GRAIN of SALT’

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Our hearts have to be strong.

So, we must filter things before we allow them to get to our hearts. We have to allow room for the good things to be nourished and the bad things to be left behind. And if we don’t, we are setting ourselves up to be our own worst enemies. It’s really challenging to go after your goals and life purpose when the opposite of that positive energy lives behind that drive of yours. It’s a battle you should never have to fight, but it’s up to you to throw in the towel and save yourself from yourself. Our hearts are a precious gift and we should take good care of it.

Take it personal

But sometimes it can be difficult because we may often take things personally. Not everything should be taken personally. It’s dangerous to do so. We begin to lose power over our happiness, confidence, and stamina for success.

My mom and sister strongly believe that we have to take things with ‘a grain of salt’. This means not to take it so serious simply because it’s not serious. It is understandable and smart to read into a situation to better see someone’s intent and character. But think into it before you make it more than what it is. There will be situations when you should take an analytical look into a situation and other times when it’s just not necessary.

How do we tell the difference?

Simply, we know when someone has our best interest at heart, not sure if they do or not, and when a person(s) are definitely just out for themselves and to hurt others. You decide from there. But even though you may take the time to read into something that was said and/or done—does not mean to take it to heart. You filter negative things from your heart, because it can either: hardened your heart, challenge your confidence, and/or steal your joy. We don’t want any of those things to happen; we want to remain forgiving, confident, driven, and carry a contagious joy. It is your peace and don’t let someone or something just rob you of it. You have worked too hard to be strong minded and optimistic, is it worth it?


And it never will be worth the trade of a sound heart: your source for every stream of life you have. When we don’t filter we begin to lose ourselves and the things that make us unique. For instance, when there is a new baby in the family who you are watching grow and mature, you can’t wait for the moments when their personality begins to develop. It’s just something amazing about the things they find hilarious, the way they laugh, the way they interact with peers, their level of independence, and so much more. It’s their unique personality we adore. And this is how we all are until the day comes when we realize our feelings can be hurt—some of us give it power and some of us pay it little mind. The truth is our feelings will get hurt from time to time, but we must move on and not allow it to change the way we see ourselves, unless it’s to make us better. Personal improvement is essential so filter and allow the positive advice to settle into your heart and the rest can say bye-bye. It is irrelevant and should be taken with a ‘grain of salt’.

Side of the Neck

A lot of times people talk out the side of their necks. This means talking with a lack of wisdom or intent, just talking and nothing more. And we all do this sometimes, just talking just to be talking. It can seem harmless on several occasions but little do you know, someone can take something to heart and it can really bother them for a good while. Talking out the side of the neck can create enemies and wounds you never knew existed. So be careful as you talk on. And don’t forget, we can be on the other side of that situation and in this position—don’t take it to heart.

But this is easier said than done; you may say.

It does take practice, but once you see how good you feel in the long run, you’ll keep it up. And YES! Some people may not have your best interest at heart: good to notice. And YES! You will make mistakes and naturally feel bad about it. Forgive yourself and apologize for your mistakes—move on and be better.

Thick skin is good filtering: knowing what to take and what to leave behind. Ultimately, you learn what matters and what doesn’t. You learn who has your best interest at heart and who doesn’t. The important thing is to protect your heart from a multitude of negativity—you deserve better than that. You have to be yourself, confident, forgiving, giving, joyous, and absorb peace to be fulfilled and on your way to great things! Why not have control over that?

Take it with a grain of salt and continue on with confidence and a positive outlook.

 Proverbs 4:23 Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life.

In appreciation and dedication to my wonderful mother and sister; we had a great conversation on this topic and they gave strong points. Smooches.

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