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I know it’s great. I know it’s legendary. And I know you put everything you had into it. But produce like it’s your last time and give it away even if it’s your last verse.

Sometimes it may seem like we live in a take-only society, but that’s not the case we also live in a society of share and information. And everyone gets to reap the benefits of the Information Age. It is easier for us to connect and share more than ever. And we love it because it’s natural. We’re created to connect with one another. And we’re created to share and give.

It’s easier to blame the new age but it’s better if you embrace it and make it work for you.  So open up and let us in. We want to get to know you first and we want you to produce.

The competition is heavy so stand out by being consistently productive.

A few use to be enough but not anymore. But it’s a good thing because it challenges you to prove your own greatness. No longer are you asking someone else to give you the opportunity to prove your greatness. You have the power to produce and the ability to consistently produce is an asset. The ability to produce is yours and no one can take it away from you.

Mindset? Produce like no one knows you exist. And keep doing that until you retire. This is the right mentality because it makes you give and top your best, take nothing for granted, and reveal your greatness to the people. And amongst all of that: it just feels good and it’s good for building the confidence it takes to continue to do what you love in what you may feel to be a deaf world. But we’re all ears. So keep producing so we can notice. And whatever you think is a lot-do more.

Don’t be intimidated by your best work.

If you are meant to do this you will just get better. Once you get it out of your head that you can only do something so great one time-you will be on your way to greatness. And because of this fear it’s difficult to just give something away. But it’s a fear you have to overcome if you want to be recognized as great in the TIME of NOW.

Give people your greatest.

Not only will you build a fan base a lot faster but when you’re ready to put a price on something: we will know its worth. Purchasing anything in a time of recession and rapid information is an investment. And no one likes to invest in anything without knowing everything they possibly can about it. Make the people feel confident with their investment by giving them something they can’t overlook.

Right now producing and giving are your most important investments as an artist.


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