A Night Owl’s Reality: The 7 Reasons You Must Take the Risk

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I never been much of a night owl but now I work nights. So I’ve forced myself to be one. I’ve always been an early bird and I still am at heart and whenever I have time off I can revisit that refreshing energy that helps me get productive. I have discovered a new energy but instead of getting creative with a new sun—I get it with the moon. It’s what I need at this point in my life and I’m taking a lot from it including doing hours I never thought I would or could ever do. I’m doing it and it’s good for the creative juices. I would recommend it for anyone needing to revisit their passion. Let it take you to:

1. Freedom.

It’s your time and you can spend it how you want. You are your only judge but this time don’t be your biggest critic. Just be and let freedom be the only thing you let take hold of you.

2. Productivity.

It feels like everyone is asleep. It gives you an opportunity to be not only productive but feel like you’re the only one being productive. It gives you a confidence and stamina that no one can take away from you. Work.

3. Peace and quiet.

We all need it. And many of us don’t get it as much as we would like but believe me it’s worth it. It means less distraction and more time to relax and to not be in such a rush. You can use this time to relieve yourself from your daily demands and focus on a neglected goal.

4. Being one with your passion.

It’s time to focus on something you truly love: something you have loved forever or something new. Connect with it and watch yourself grow.

5. Taking risk.

You have to do it—if not now, when? This time is the perfect time for you to simply take risk with your work. Whatever it may be: music, writing, photography, painting, cooking—anything. But whatever your passion is this is a great opportunity to do something fresh, something you have never done and when you do it…do it freely.

6. Those dreams you forgot you had.

Remember those? Glad you still do and hold on to them this time. As the moon sits bold outside take it back to the things you use to love and have lost sight on. It’s just time. And now you have it.

7. Dreams to reality.

Bring your day dreams to reality with passion and production. Be a night owl tonight. It doesn’t have to be every night but let a night be yours every now and then at least. Because many of us have full days and we forget some of the goals we use to nurture. If the goal is still important to you it’s time to take a risk.


The ability to be a night owl is a luxury you forgot you had.

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